The construction industy and property market can be a very daunting and confusing prospect for those who are in need of a larger property, a new building or are purchasing existing ones.

How do you know if builders are extending or converting your property correctly with full planning and building regulation consents, or the property you have your eye on hasn't any underlying issues?

By using our Architectural Services you can avoid all the hassle and worry.

We can help you by taking on your ideas and sketches, developing them by leading you through the various stages and giving you professional impartial advice, to avoid the pitfalls and achieve the best results for your project.

Situated just to the East of Norwich, we are able to serve all of Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond.

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Services Provided

With our knowledge and expertise, we can provide a tailor-made service to suit your requirements and situation; as no two clients or projects are ever alike.

We aim to make sure that your property is cared for and developed to your specifications.

Our initial consultation session is FREE!

We will endeavour to model a package to suit your needs by using our extensive network of construction professionals, in partnership with ourselves, to give you a complete 'one-stop-shop' solution.

New Build, Extensions, Alterations and Conversions

(Residential, Commercial, Industrial)


Whether you require a new house, shop, office or industrial unit, or you wish to alter or change the use of your property, then GJ Building Surveying Services are the people to talk to - No project is too big or too small.

By discussing with you your ideas, requirements, and budget we can undertake a feasibility study and produce sketches with alternative designs for your approval and selection.

We will then discuss the project further, making alterations to the sketches as necessary to produce one final scheme. At this point in the project if you wish to proceed further we can then produce a full set of drawings ready to submit for Planning Permission, etc.

Measured Surveys


If you require floor plans, elevations, sections or any other specific details, then GJ Building Surveying Services can accurately measure your current property and by using our Computer Aided Design systems, produce accurate drawings.

The drawings can then be used for planning your furniture layout, estate/facilities management, devising property development strategies, or for legislative purposes, such as fire regulations or licensing.

Planning Permission Submissions


Whether you want a new conservatory, a roof-light in your proposed loft conversion, want to change the use of your property or put up a sign or advertisement, these will usually all require Planning Permission from the Local Authority, whose role is to make sure that the application is appropriate for its visual and environmental impact on the surrounding area.

This means that drawings will need to be prepared of the existing and proposed development, along with the relevant forms, in order that they can be submitted to the local council's planning department.

A notice of the application will be published in the local press and notices displayed at the property. Neighbours and anybody with an opinion are able to view the plans and make comments which the local authority will take into consideration.

Other relevant statutory authorities may also become involved, such as Environment Agency, Local Highways Department, etc.

Planning Permission is usually granted (subject to approval and conditions) within six to eight weeks, and is then valid for three years.

Note: Planning Permission is not always required, depending on certain criteria being met. However, it is always best to confirm that this is the case, as you could end up breaching planning regulations and having to remove or reverse your alteration, at your own expense!

In addition to the need for permission, the deeds of some properties include covenants which define what can be erected and where, and requires the owner to gain separate approval via a legal advisor.

GJ Building Surveying Services can help if you require any advice on developing a piece of land, alterations or extensions to either an existing property or a Listed Building, Change of Use, Advertisements or advice on Appeals.

Working alongside the relevant Local Planning Authority by having pre-submission meetings, on site where necessary, we will then produce the relevant plans and deal with the planning application process on your behalf, to achieve the best outcome for your development.

For information on whether you will require planning permission, please contact us or speak to your local planning officer.

For further guidance please click here to visit the Planning Portal Website

Building Regulation Submissions

New Build

Usually, following on from the Planning permission stage the plans have to be submitted to Building Control who are there to make sure that an alteration or material change of use to a building is structurally safe and in accordance with the relevant requirements, eg. fire, sound, ventilation and energy efficiency.

Building Regulation approval may be required even if Planning Permission is not. An application for Building Regulation approval is not advertised to the general public and only the person applying and the Local Authority are involved.

Working drawings and specifications need to be produced along with the application forms, ready to be submitted to the Local Authority.

Once construction work has commenced, the Local Building Inspector will attend site at specific stages to inspect the work, and if all goes in accordance with the plans and the inspectors recommendations, then a final certificate will be given to deem the project completed in accordance with the Building Regulations.

GJ Building Surveying Services can lead you through this process from liaising with Building Control establishing the information required, then producing scale drawings with specifications detailing the construction of the various elements of the building, through to submitting the application.

For guidance on whether you will require Building Regulation approval, contact either us, or you Local Authority Building Control Department.

Energy Consultancy


Part L

GJ Building Surveying Services can calculate whether a new property or proposed extension will pass the current Building Regulations with regards to heat loss, carbon emissions, Energy Performance Certificates (for new homes) and SAP ratings

We are fully trained, registered and monitored by National Energy Services (NES)

Project Management

Project Management

Construction projects can be very complicated, drawn out and very stressful. However by using our services, we can make sure that everything goes as smoothly and hassle-free as possible, to give our client their desired requirements.

Construction projects can be very complicated, drawn out and very stressful. However by using our services, we can make sure that everything goes as smoothly and hassle-free as possible, to give our client their desired requirements.

If you are planning or thinking about any development, however large or small, to a piece of land or on an existing property then GJ Building Surveying Services will be only to pleased to help and give impartial, professional advice to realise the full-potential of your property or land. No project is ever too big or too small, as we can assemble a Project Team to suit your requirements.

From your project's initial conception we can lead you by developing your ideas into a Project Brief, through to producing sketch schemes, detailed drawings and budget costings all for your approval. Once the design has been revised to your liking, we can then proceed in gaining all the necessary Statutory Approvals to make sure that you are always on the right side of legislation.

Whilst gaining consents, we can produce Schedules of Works, Specifications or even Bills of Quantities so that they may be distributed to a number of professional building contractors whom we have had personal experience with (or they could be to your choice if you so wish), so that quotes can be obtained.

Once all information has been received, we will then proceed in advising you on which one is most suitable, although you do not have to agree and are free to choose which ever one you think is best.

From this stage you can either decide to appoint the contractor and manage the project yourself or continue to use the services of GJ Building Surveying Services to monitor and handle the on-site phase of the works.

If you decide to use us, we will issue the relevant contract documents, produce costing reports to inform you of the projects financial state, hold weekly or fortnightly on-site meetings to discuss the project's current status, and issue instructions to the Contractor as and when required.

Upon completion of the works we will inspect the work for any defects, and prepare the final account for payment.

Party Walls Matters

Party Wall

If you are planning on carrying out underpinning works or repairing works to an existing boundary wall, or building a new wall within 3 or 6 metres of existing neighbouring foundations then you are required to serve notices under the Party Wall, & etc. Act 1996, otherwise a court injunction can be served by your neighbours requiring you to halt the works whilst notices, and agreements are made.

GJ Building Surveying Services can advise and undertake such Party Wall Matters making sure that you stay on the right side of the law, by issuing Party Wall notices and agreeing awards, to allow you to be able to carry out the works that you require.

Schedules of Condition

Cracked Brick

Normally prepared as part of a Lease or Tenancy agreement, and in relation to Party Wall Matters. GJ Building Surveying Services can inspect and produce a report on the condition of a property at a specified date, set out in sufficient detail so that any part of the structure, finishings, or fittings that subsequently become defective or missing can be readily identified.

Building Survey

Building Survey

Once you have found a property that you wish to purchase, you will want to sign on the dotted line at the first opportunity, but a little less haste can be a wise move. It may look well-kept and in a good state of repair, but just how physically sound is it, and is it a worthwhile investment? The house may have just had a new lick of paint, or a strategically placed piece of wallpaper covering up that large crack in the corner of the room.

We at GJ Building Surveying Services always recommend that you, the purchaser, commission an independent professional to carry out a survey on your behalf and not stick with the standard Valuation Report as this is NOT for your peace of mind but for your Mortgage Company. This is the lender's way of assessing whether or not there is enough collateral in the property before they agree to the loan. It will not tell you everything that is wrong with the property and will not even explain how or what is causing the problems or how to remedy them.

Instead we recommend that you use the Building Survey (originally called a Full Structural Survey), as this will explain in more detail the property you are investing in. This is recommended for all properties, but is much suited to the older types of either a large and complex nature, or smaller and unusual construction.

A really thorough search of the property is undertaken of the visible and accessible areas in technical detail (although still written in understandable English) on building materials and structure, with numerous photographs, and in places, tips for future maintenance items, and areas that could become a problem.

The report can also be tailor-made to suit the property in question, in that GJ Building Surveying Services can commission qualified specialists to undertake individual reports on certain aspects, for example, an electrical or drainage report, or on unique fittings within the property such as swimming pools, etc.

In all cases the cost of the report depends on the value, size and age of the property.

Whether you are a first time buyer, a veteran at purchasing property, or just have a particular problem with your existing property, GJ Building Surveying Services offers the right service for your needs.

Particular Problem Reports

Missing Tiles

Damp stains on your chimney breasts, mould growth on your skirting boards, cracks in your walls? GJ Building Surveying Services can produce a report and specify courses of action for all types of individual problems specific to your property, as well as getting quotes from local builders to carry out the repair works, and even inspecting the works as they are undertaken on site.

Past Projects

Here are just a few examples of past projects;

Kitchen/Dining Room extension

Scope of Services: Scheme design and gaining full Planning and Building Regualtion consent for a new ground floor kitchen/dining room extension and associated utility room and entrance hall.

Bungalow extensions and refurbishment

Scope of Services: Scheme design and gaining full Planning & Building Regulations consent for extensions and new attic rooms.

Ground/first floor extensions and house refurbishment

Scope of Services: Scheme design and gaining full Planning and Building Regualtion consent for a new ground floor kitchen/dining room extension and associated utility room and entrance hall. Full project management from completion to end of construction work.

New build social flats development

Scope of Services: Reassessing and revising original design, undertaking complete construction drawings and external landscaping, gaining full building regulation consent and Energy Consultancy.

New build chalet bungalow

Scope of Services: Gaining full planning consent for the revised design and external landscaping. Building Regulations Full Plans consent and Energy Consultancy and issuing Performance Certificate.

Garden Centre Coffee Shop

Scope of Services: Gaining full planning consent for a new Coffee Shop building within the existing garden centre, and liasing with HSP Garden Buildings to gain Building Regulations Full Plans consent.

Rear Extension and refurbishment

Scope of Services: Scheme design and gaining full Planning & Building Regulations consent for a rear dining room extension, with full project management.

Rear ground and first floor extension

Scope of Services: Scheme design and gaining full Planning & Building Regulations consent for a new ground and first floor extension to house new first floor bathroom facilities and enlarged dining area on the ground floor.


"Keep up the good work. Thank you for your efficient work and making it seem quite simple to deal with"
- Mr & Mrs M - Kitchen Extension & Conservatory Norwich

"We were most impressed as to how quickly and efficiently the whole process was dealt with. We will certainly be recommending you to others and wish to thank you for all your hardwork"
- Mr B - Loft Conversion Norwich

"Many thanks for all your hard work"
- Mr S - New House Stalham

"Friendly, fast and efficient service - what more can I say"
- Mr P - Licensing Plan Gt Yarmouth

"We would have no hesitation in using your services again, and will recommend you to anyone we know who is comtemplating having building work done"
- Mr and Mrs C - Norwich

"From planning permission to going through the minefield of building regulations, what a tower of strength you have been,we couldnt have asked for anything more and you are still supporting us as we build. The highest recomendation and our thanks"
- Mr & Mrs M - Gorleston

"From start to finish you were very helpful, efficient and full of bright ideas. Our builder even commented that they were the best set of plans he has worked from"
- Mr and Mrs T - Blofield

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